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Nicole Duke is widely recognized as one of the most inspirational teachers and coaches you can find. She believes in the power of intention and following your dreams. Her mission is to inspire a thriving, body-positive army of students through hot yoga, pilates, and positive thinking.

based in aptos, california


Nicole always met me right where I happened to be in my health journey, with welcoming support, insight, and tips or manageable plans to implement. She always gave me something to consider and an element of mindfulness that awakened me but didn’t burden me. She is a gifted and natural coach!

She always gave me something to consider and an element of mindfulness that awakened me but didn’t burden me.



Nicole is mystically gifted to coach others. She helps me feel centered, grounded, and spiritually woke in any are of my life.



All of the women running this training were very knowledgeable about their trade and also proved to be just awesome people to support me through this journey. I would absolutely recommend attending any of the trainings at Hot Yoga Aptos. Nicole is a professional and has hired the best, to give you the best. Forever grateful🙏🏼.

The Hot Pilates training at Hot Yoga Aptos was extremely fun, perfectly executed, and I really felt prepared to teach my first class after just one weekend with this team.


Jessica Smith

The trio that leads this training does so straight from their empowered spirits! Trainees can't help but absorb their positive, supportive energy and their commitment to your inner power and potential. You WILL bring it into the hot room -- and into the world. Every single moment of this training is efficient and constantly engaging.

Beyond Empowering!!! This is a kick-ass training that revealed my inner power and confidence in one short weekend, despite having only take ten hot pilates classes.


Lara Ward

Teacher trainings are always so introspective for me--giving me the time to connect deeply with my soul and find my empowered voice within the teachings so that I can authentically share the practice with others. Then my students can feel strong and empowered, too. I am forever thankful!

Thank you so much for leading such an incredible Hot Pilates Teacher Training! It was such an empowering experience--way deeper (of course!) than the awesome powerhouse and cardio aspects of Hot Pilates. 


Alyson Butterfield

I would recommend Nicole’s teacher trainings to anyone who wants to strengthen their body and mind, any fitness level and any age! So grateful for this community

I’ve been practicing at Hot Yoga Aptos since 2010 and can honestly say this studio has absolutely changed my life! The training was empowering, supportive and was a reminder to myself that I’m capable of amazing things! 


Reina S.


They were incredibly generous with their expertise and guidance; you felt they truly wanted to empower you to learn, grow, and be the best you could be. The dazzling enthusiasm they radiated was contagious, rendering the intense and challenging training also extremely fun. The textbook, informative and useful handbook, and Dr. Garrett’s anatomy lesson all provided a solid, necessary foundation for a safe, informed, and thoughtful teaching of Pilates fundamentals. In short, I loved it!

This experience exceeded my expectations on all levels and I cannot recommend it strongly enough. I felt very welcomed and the environment naturally allowed for real bonding between the trainees. The phenomenal team leading the Pilates Teacher Training, Nicole, Priscilla, & Stephanie, shared their vast knowledge with genuine energy and exuberance.

Annette R


Teacher training at Hot Yoga Aptos was an amazing, life changing experience for me. With the help of the training leads, the senior teachers, and my fellow trainees, I found the strength I needed to fully embrace the teacher within me. The knowledge I gained from teacher training is helping me to find both the stability and the growth that I need to make a difference.

Kati S.


Wow, what an awesome experience. These three ladies know how to guide you and love you the whole way through the very informative trainings. I have done the Pilates and Yin training and i couldn't be more pleased. If you are like me, a little shy, this is the training for you. Their kindness and compassion make it so worth it. 

Lorin L.


My Hot Pilates teacher training at Hot Yoga Aptos was amazing! Nicole, Priscilla, and Stephanie were so encouraging. Their energy and knowledge have made me grow as an instructor tenfold! I feel like I was fully prepared with all of the tools needed to teach this format. Thank you all so much for all that you have done!!!

Tracie R

The teacher training surpassed all my expectations. Truly life changing. So grateful for Aptos Hot Yoga’s teachers and the community. Not only did the training teach me the mechanics to teach yoga but has also provided me with the spiritual insight to live a new way of life.


Stevielee M.

Yoga teacher training helped me find a community that believes in the things I do. It pushed me to new limits and tested my mental discipline.


Ruby Z.

I have been practicing Hot Yoga with Nicole Duke for over 7 years. From the moment I set foot in her studio I knew she was an impeccable teacher with high integrity. When Nicole announced she would be offering Teacher training I jumped at the chance. I knew she would provide the best quality high integrity training I could get. I have completed Hot Yoga Fusion and Hot Pilates training which I currently teach at my own studio. Worth every penny.


Alycia A.

Teacher training challenged me with all things yoga: the posture clinics (understanding the technical side of the postures), anatomy clinic (alignment), the history of yoga (the life of a yogi), meditation This training is for any BODY looking to expand their practice (their life!) with the end accomplishment of becoming certified to teach.


Maria P.


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Why I left the Bikram yoga brand... I wanted almost nothing more than to share my vision of providing a top notch experience like nowhere else here in my sweet little hometown of Aptos.


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